Episode #124 – Inside Cornell: How I Got Accepted

Today, I have another case study with one of our Passion Project Bootcamp students, Alex. In this episode, Alex shares his college admissions story of how he got accepted into Cornell University. He reveals what it felt like to receive the acceptance letter and realize that all his hard work had finally paid off! Start […]

Episode #122 – How She Got Accepted Into Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, and UCLA

Today, I’m so excited to be introducing you to another Passion Project Bootcamp student, Ginny, who just  got accepted into Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, and UCLA (among other schools), and in this episode, she shares how our program helped her gain trust in herself, build her confidence during her college admissions journey, and motivated her to […]

Episode #121 – How My Student Got ACCEPTED Into Rice University

Today, I have a special episode, because I’m interviewing my Passion Project Bootcamp student Simi, who just got ACCEPTED into her dream college: Rice University! I was so excited for Simi to share  her journey and to give her insight on the college admissions process on our latest podcast episode, and I hope that you […]

Episode #120 – How To Get Accepted Into Your Dream College with Less Effort

The college admissions process can be overwhelming, intimidating, and often confusing, and there is a misconception that it must be hard. It doesn’t have to be this way though, and in this episode, I reveal how you can get accepted into your dream college with less effort. We are going to dive into why the […]

Episode #119 – How My Student Got ACCEPTED Into Johns Hopkins University

Today I have a very special and emotional episode, because one of my Passion Project Bootcamp students just got accepted into John Hopkins University, which was her dream college because she wants to be a doctor in the near future! For confidentiality purposes I refer to her as “Michelle” in this episode, and you’ll hear […]

Episode #118 – The Beginner’s Guide to College Admissions

Hey there! I took a break recording the podcast for January as my team and I were focusing on launching our Premier 1-Year Group College Consulting Program, Passion Project Bootcamp NEXT LEVEL – but we’re back! We only open this program once a year, so if you want to be notified for Next Level 2023, […]

Episode #115 – How To Pay For College with Brad Baldridge

Today I have a very special guest for you, and he is someone who knows so much about financial aid, scholarships, and how to pay for college. This episode is an important one because getting into college is one thing but how can you figure out the affording college? I haven’t really talked about at […]