Episode #114 – The 3 Rules for Success

Recently, I posted a poll on my Instagram and asked what my followers would like to hear me talk about on this podcast episode. The topic that most students wanted me to discuss was the 3 Rules For Success, which is what I will share here with you today! We often think that success is […]

Episode #113 – Why I Decided To Be a College Consultant

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to record a solo chit chat episode for you, so today I thought I would share with you why I became a college consultant. I feel really called to do this work helping our high school students going through the college admissions process, and in this episode, […]

Episode #112: PPBC Coaching Call: How To Choose Your College Major

Today I have another Passion Project Bootcamp Coaching Call for you! This coaching session is with my amazing student Hailey. I was surprised to hear that she was an avid listener of this podcast (for nearly 2 years!) and now she’s enrolled in our Passion Project Bootcamp program. After hearing Hailey’s questions, you’ll realize how […]

Episode #111: PPBC Coaching Call: AP Classes, Passion Project, & Research Positions

Today on the podcast I’m excited to announce that we are bringing back our coaching session episodes! In this episode, I’ll be coaching my Passion Project Bootcamp student regarding AP classes, Passion Projects, and research positions! In this episode you’ll meet Yashaswi, a Passion Project Bootcamp student who is currently a junior. She has 3 […]

How to Use These 5 Popular Extracurriculars on Your College Application to Stand Out


It’s the oldest college admissions strategy in the book: extracurricular activities. Year after year, I see a lot of students committing to all sorts of different extracurriculars in high school to get accepted into their dream Ivy League and Top-tier colleges. And year after year, it breaks my heart. Because a lot of students take […]

Episode #109: Applying to College Pre-Med with Dr. Shemmassian

Today we are talking all about pre-med, and I’m so excited to be speaking about this topic with my special guest, Dr. Shemmassian! If you are interested, or majoring in, biology, chemistry, physics, or anatomy, and your goal is to get into medical school or any other profession that requires you to have a pre-med […]

Episode #108: Getting accepted into your college will NOT make you happy

As much as I love talking about strategies and action steps to take to get accepted into your dream college, for today’s episode I wanted to look at things a little differently. I want to share with you a bit about the meaning that society places on college, so that you can step back and […]

Episode #107: 3 Things Ivy Leagues & Top-tier Colleges Don’t Care About

I see a lot of students and parents working on different extracurriculars and commitments and implementing various college admission strategies to get accepted into their dream Ivy League and Top-tier colleges. This breaks my heart, because those are the things that many of these colleges just don’t care about anymore. In this episode, I’m going […]

Episode #106: Is Your Passion Project Good Enough?

About 6 months ago, I started interviewing Passion Project Bootcamp students and sharing those coaching sessions with listeners here on the podcast. We received so much good feedback from listeners that resonated with these episodes, telling us how much they learned about our coaching process in Passion Project Bootcamp, as well as the support they […]