Episode #105: The Power Of Group College Consulting Program

Today I have a very special announcement for you! We are opening applications to the new Passion Project Bootcamp NEXT LEVEL Program (formerly The Ivy League Formula Program). In this episode you’ll hear more about this exclusive 4-month group college consulting program, and how we’ll be making this a next level experience for our students […]

Episode #104: What’s the REAL secret to getting accepted?

It’s been a little while since we’ve released a new podcast episode, and so much has happened lately! In the beginning of June, we launched the FREE 7-Day ACCEPTED Challenge – helping almost 5,000 students with their college admissions journey during the free event. The challenge was so amazing and life-changing for its participants that […]

Episode #103: You’re invited to FREE 7-Day ACCEPTED Challenge!

Having helped hundreds of high school students get accepted into their dream colleges, I know how important this dream is for you too. Imagine opening that acceptance letter from your dream college and knowing that all your hard work has paid off. Imagine sharing this great news with your family and friends and feeling so […]

Episode #102: The Ultimate 9th Grade College Admissions Checklist

A lot of you have been asking what you should be doing as a freshman, sophomore or junior in high school, so recently I did a series on my YouTube Channel, Conquer College Admissions to share my ultimate checklists for you to refer to. The feedback I received on this video series was so good […]

Episode #101: What is the TRUE purpose of college?

I often talk about the strategies you can use to get accepted college, which are all so important to understand, but sometimes it’s nice to step back and look at why we’re doing it in the first place. That is why in today’s episode I’m revealing what the true purpose of college is, which just […]

Episode #100: 3 Things You Must Do During Summer Break

Let’s talk about summer break! You may be wondering why I’m talking about summer break in this episode, as it’s just May when I’m recording it. That is because you really need to be planning and thinking ahead in the college admissions process. So today, I’m sharing a recent Facebook Live I did that reveals […]

Episode #99: AP Scores: How Important Are They?

  I get asked by students in my Passion Project Bootcamp and Ivy League Formula Program about the importance of AP exams and scores, especially during the stressful time that is this AP season. That is why I wanted to share a recent Facebook Live I did with you here on the podcast to answer […]

Episode #97: The Fear of College Rejection

In today’s episode, I want to focus on fear, and specifically the fear of being rejected by the college you desire to attend. Fear is normal, especially if you’re playing big in life, and it is my hope that after listening to this episode you will have less fear around the college admissions process. You […]