Episode #33: How to Be a Mighty Parent for Your Teen w/ Sandy Fowler

Is your teen responding with “I don’t know” all the time? Are you stressed out that there are more arguments than peaceful, heart-to-heart conversations? In this episode of Demystifying College Admissions, I am interviewing Sandy Fowler, co-host of the Mighty Parenting podcast, who will be sharing proven and effective strategies for communicating with your teen […]

Episode #30: How to STOP PROCRASTINATING by using the Daily Priority Planner

In this episode of Demystifying College Admissions, I will be breaking down the myth of busy-ness. Are you always wondering why you don’t have enough time to study for the SAT/ACT? Are you feeling upset because you got a C on your Chemistry Test although you pulled an all-nighter? If your answer is yes, tune […]

Episode #14: Why you weren’t able to get straight A’s

GPA is the #1 factor in getting accepted into your dream Ivy League and top-tier colleges. Knowing this, high school students stay up until 2 AM studying for APUSH, AP Chemistry, or writing English papers. However, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get an A on your APUSH chapter test. You’re always […]