Introducing Passion Prep!

Welcome to Passion Prep! I’m Julie Kim, a graduate of USC and Harvard University. When I began preparing for my college applications back in high school, I did what everyone else around me was doing, joining as many clubs and volunteer organizations so I could list them on my resume like a laundry list. I […]

How to Use These 5 Popular Extracurriculars on Your College Application to Stand Out


It’s the oldest college admissions strategy in the book: extracurricular activities. Year after year, I see a lot of students committing to all sorts of different extracurriculars in high school to get accepted into their dream Ivy League and Top-tier colleges. And year after year, it breaks my heart. Because a lot of students take […]

Episode #69: Why my students decided to work with me

For today’s episode I’m excited to be interviewing two students of my 6-month college consulting program, The Ivy League Formula! Brianna just completed the program and Natalie is currently a student, and these amazing young ladies both share why they decided to say “Yes” to enrolling in the program, any hesitations they had before doing […]

Episode #65: Interviewing my Ivy League Formula Students (Part 7!)

In my consulting programs, my students are not just given the tools they need to start their own Passion Projects. They are given a community — a league of students who believe in and strive for the same things that they do. My students have people they can turn to for advice, encouragement, and motivation. […]

Episode #64: Interviewing my Ivy League Formula Students (Part 6!)

To be honest, I’m not motivated by the usual definitions of “success.” While money, clout, and recognition can all be considered motivators for success, they are not what gets me out of bed every morning. My students are my ultimate motivators. Their passion inspires me to take my college admissions strategies to the next level, […]

Episode #63: Interviewing My Ivy League Formula Students (Part 5!)

Every time I interview students from my most popular consulting program, The Ivy League Formula, I get goosebumps! Okay, Julie, maybe it’s time to chill out. Interviewing your students about college admissions can’t be THAT exciting… That’s where you’re wrong! My students in this program gain clarity and understanding of what they’re passionate about, then […]